Market Watch – September edition

Published: October 8, 2013

Download Market Watch – September edition and read the full report. In this edition: A look at the stance of central banks around the globe. [1 min*] Chancellor Angela Merkel secures a resounding victory in the German national election. [1 min*] US political gridlock may unnerve investors.  [30 sec*] Best known for its coatings and adhesives, […]

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Market Watch – August edition

Published: September 5, 2013

Download Market Watch – August edition and read the full report. In this edition: Potential shifts in policies after the Federal Elections may impact various aspects of the market. [1 min*] Ongoing global government debt issues present investment opportunities in corporate bonds. [1 min*] The 17 countries that share the euro currency deliver the first positive […]

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Market Watch – July edition

Published: August 12, 2013

Download Market Watch – July edition and read the full report. In this edition: The shift in investor focus should be on what is most important; the improvement in the US economy. [1 min*] Arguably the latest batch of positive economic data is reflected in corporate earnings season. [1 min*] While the US Federal Reserve communications are […]

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Market Watch – June edition

Published: July 18, 2013

Download Market Watch – June edition and read the full report. In this edition: While growth in emerging markets has slowed, it remains higher than developed countries. [1 min*] The tapering of quantitative easing in the US may be an uncomfortable adjustment but ultimately should be seen as positive. [1 min*] Positive steps have been taken to […]

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Market Watch – May edition

Published: June 19, 2013

Download Market Watch – May edition and read the full report. In this edition we cover:     Australia has gone over 21 years without a recession. What is the risk that hard economic times are ahead?  [1min read time]     Could less central bank stimulus hurt yield orientated investments, such as Australian listed property?  [1min […]

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Market Watch – April edition

Published: May 20, 2013

Market Watch is designed to provide you with a clearer understanding of complex investment issues. Download Market Watch – April edition and read the full report. In this edition: A less vulnerable economic environment likely means a more diluted pullback in shares. [1 min*] Australian banks have outperformed rising optimism. The valuations of the banks are now […]

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